What’s Your Reason? – Darold Pinnock | Passion Behind the Art Episode 123


On the road to success, every day will not bring sunny skies and smooth pavements. We will have our share of driving on uneven pavements during unfavorable weather. Sometimes, it will get so bad that our visibility will be obstructed and we can’t see down the road. We may start to doubt and wonder, “Should I pull over to the side of the road; should I turn around and go back to where I came from?”

In this week’s episode, Darold takes us back to the basics. Back to the beginning stages of our dreams, visions, and plans and reflect. Who and/or what was the motivation behind wanting to pursue our passions? Remembering the reasons allows us to continue journeying on until we reach our destination. As you think about your reasons, write them down so you can have a visual cue to never give up and to keep moving; forward. Happy listening.

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