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In this episode, Darold sits down with Mike Kim. Mike, is a speaker, marketing strategist, and copywriter. Darold describes him as, “a well-endowed man when it comes to branding and building a brand identity.”

Academically, Mike excelled in History and English but chose music initially as a career. After four years and with the uncertainty of what to do next, he started a blog that was intended to only be an outlet. The blog, however, gained a following and provided Mike the opportunity to learn about copywriting and how the online world operates. With that discovery and knowledge of marketing, he was able to gain employment as a Chief Marketing Officer with a former employer. With increased knowledge and a strong work ethic, his work was being recognized by many. His likability allowed him to form relationships with individuals who would play a role in his career advancement.

Throughout the interview, Mike offers tons of priceless wisdom that will assist one in entering the field of marketing and growing and maintaining your own personal brand. You’ll get to understand why he says, “the framework frames the work.” In addition to all those golden nuggets he provided, he then goes on to discuss his podcasting journey and how he uses that platform as a networking tool for himself and others. You can listen to The Brand You Podcast on all major podcast outlets. This is an episode that you’ll want to download and share, but as always, don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself. Happy listening!

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