Matt Vergotis – Brand Identity and Lettering Specialist | Passion Behind the Art 135


In this episode, Darold reconnects with Matt Vergotis. Catching up with Darold, he updates him of his daughters’ growth, his new therapeutic fishing hobby as well as his role as lead guitarist in a band. This is in addition to him being a husband, surfer and having a day job.

Matt’s day job is typography and corporate identity specialist for several breweries and companies including Spotify. You may be wondering how he finds the time to get everything done. He credits working on his craft for over the past ten years resulted in his refined skills and muscle memory, allowing him to be able to execute his work in a more timely and efficient manner.

Matt is still passionate about his creativity and talks about the many things he does to take his skill set to the next level, which allows him to remain relevant in his field. You definitely don’t want to miss this episode, and if you haven’t heard his first interview, check that out as well. Happy listening!

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