Dave Mottram | Passion Behind the Art Show – Episode 119


In this episode, Darold sits do

n with talented illustrator Dave Mottram. So what’s his story you ask? As a child, Mottram grew up watching Sesame Street and reading The Monster At The End of The Book to which he credits sparked his desire to draw. In high school, although he felt like he was an outsider, his drawings provided a way for him to gain access to many groups as they would request him to sketch their images. His parents pushed him to attend college where he majored in graphic design with a minor in illustration.

In this interview, Mottram shares more of his story, chronicling how he transitioned from graphics to pursue his love of illustration to eventually branching out on his own. He offers counsel to those who may doubt their talents and the ones that feel like they’re entering the creative field later than others. But there’s more, Mottram also talks about his freelance and book illustration, his support system and what’s in store for the future. Happy listening!

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