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If you have been listening to t

is podcast, or if this is your first time, you have some familiarity with In this episode, Darold talks to Brad Smith, the man with the creative vision to start the platform. In this episode, you’ll learn about Mr. Smith and see that he has certainly come a long way from a little kid who was only interested in time travel and bike riding.

Brads’ love of creativity started as a kid, and while he didn’t have a clear career goal, he in his own words, “Just loved making.” Simplecast is not something that he just thought up one day either. He is a graphic designer and a web developer of some well known social sites that you might have heard of and even visited. For those that don’t know his story, you get the opportunity of having a better understanding of the man who makes certain that design can be seen in every product he creates. Mr. Smith will have you inspired as well as entertained as he shares a bit of himself in a comical way. Happy listening!

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