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Mid Studios Logotype Case Study

Mid Studios is a personal idea of mine. When I created this identity I thought of a clean cut, easy see and remember corporate firm. A modern firm that strives for excellence. Hope you enjoy the visuals below.

Grace UnHae Kwon Logotype Project

It was such pleasure working with Grace on this project. She is a great musician with a graceful heart. Our love for Jesus created a great connection for me as I worked on her logo. Grace wanted a logotype that represented her classical music style but at the same time […]

Talented Musicians Logotype

I had the pleasure of creating a logotype for one of the largest musician and music based communities, Talented Musicians. They feature some of the world’s best musicians and also sell music oriented products. They wanted something simple with a clear message of what their platform and audience represents.   […]

Intersiy Logotype Project

Irfan is a self-taught guitarist. Everyday he looks to create unique and new compositions, that brings joy to his audience. “So I hope that my music is lovable to hear for everyone and they feel joy when listening to it” I created a logotype speaks of his unique style, full of joy […]

Sarah Joy Logotype Project

I had the honor of working with Sarah Joy, a talented cellist. In her journey her goal has always been more about the message than the genre, including people through more relevant styles, and then offer them helpful musical information from her own background (through Youtube tutorials). Aside from the teaching […]

Elise Trouw Logotype Lettering

Elise is all about creating music that is musically interesting and accessible to the public. She’s mainly known for her epic drumming but not limited to. She is also a songwriter and singer. The goal on this project was to create a lettering piece that represent Elise and what she stands […]

Special Logotype Lettering

Here is an example of a personal artwork that I digitized, Special Logotype Lettering. We are all special and I wanted to create an artwork that represents that. So the next time you see someone special to you I hope it reminds you of this artwork and what it represents. Sketch Inked […]

Grateful logotype lettering

  So here is an example of a personal artwork that I digitized, “Grateful” Logotype Lettering. Hand drawn logotype lettering: Digitized logotype lettering: Finished logotype lettering: Working on a personal project is much different from client work. Personal projects are usually created by my emotional connection to the message behind the lettering […]

Natural Muurmaid Logotype Case Study

Natural Muurmaid is a Natural hair care product line. I created a logotype appealing to conscious women, these women are obsessed with hair care and it’s hair health. This logotype should represent the beauty of natural hair and women that wears it. Research:   Sketches: Logo Evolution: Logo Scalability: Colors: Business Cards:

Sasha & Donald Wedding Package

Sasha & Donald wanted a very unique wedding package to go with this monumental milestone in their lives. I was honored when they decided to hire me for this project. After having multiple conversations with the couple and researching, I came up with a design solution just right for their […]