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As a child I have always found myself drawing. My love for drawing led me through a journey in the design world. From building design, to graphic design and then web design. I have been building brands and ideas through design since 2006. I have a passion for inspiring people to do what they love for a living. What is the Darold J. Pinnock experience? Quality work, professionalism, promptness and very accommodating.


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grateful 3d logotype
2016-04-16 18.20.14
2016-04-01 08.25.12

Awoken Logotype Lettering

Before the day really got started I really felt great, it felt like something great was going to happen and it did. I just had one of the best days. It started with me getting a decent amount of rest after a week of 15+ hours per day. Then, I […]

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grateful 3d logotype

“Grateful” Logotype Lettering Process

All my logotype lettering starts with me hand drawing it first. Which entails me sketching it out with a Pentel Twist-Erase pencil. You may ask why that specific one, well it’s pretty simple. I like how it feels when I draw with it and that helps with the flow of each stroke. […]

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“Take Flight” Lettering Logotype

Take flight means desiring to reach great heights in every area of your life. Each day getting higher and higher and closer and closer to you goals.

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“Grateful” Lettering Piece

Each day my focus is to make sure I’m grateful every day. Sometimes we may get so caught up in certain goals not being met or plans not going as plan but in the grand scheme of things I have sooooooo much to be grateful for. I hope this lettering piece […]

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I had a chance to have an interview with lettering artist Mark Caneso. It was truly a pleasure. Mark is an absolute beast at his craft, he carries himself with great professionalism. I’m hoping to do some collab with Mark soon. Keep inspiring greatness Mark. Can you tell us a […]

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