<p>I’m so excited to show the first Passion Behind The Art video I Hope you enjoy it. I had the pleasure of interviewing a wonderful group of ladies from Sweden. They are called¬†Released Gospel Choir.¬† Learn more about Released Gospel Choir Instagram @ReleasedGospelChoir</p>
<p>This project has been such an inspiring journey for me. I have always had a passion for music but the deeper I got the more I truly appreciate what musicians have to offer. Imagine watching a movie with no background music to set the mood or feel of the scene, […]</p>
<p>One of my most favorite instruments is the guitar(even though I can’t play it). I really like how this design came out and I’m thinking of creating some stickers from it.</p>
<p>Checkout the progress I have made on the “Garnet logotype project”. I still have a lot more to create and tons of iterations to do but I thought I would share the progress so far.</p>
<p>Before the day really got started I really felt great, it felt like something great was going to happen and it did. I just had one of the best days. It started with me getting a decent amount of rest after a week of 15+ hours per day. Then, I […]</p>

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