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"My goal is to make Musicians visually appealing to your audience."

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As a child I have always found myself drawing. My love for drawing led me through a journey in the design world. From building design, to graphic design and then web design. I have been building brands and ideas through design since 2006. I have a passion for inspiring people to do what they love for a living. What is the Darold J. Pinnock experience? Quality work, professionalism, promptness and very accommodating.


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Guitarist Logotype Design

As I have completely pivoted my logo design and branding studio to focus on the music industry, more importantly musicians. This art I created has been one of the most appreciated. I’m so happy for the focus that niching down brings. Focusing on a certain area actually allows to provide […]

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Screenshot 2016-06-10 08.00.37
Screenshot 2016-06-02 07.36.24
grateful 3d logotype
2016-04-16 18.20.14
2016-04-01 08.25.12

Awoken Logotype Lettering

Before the day really got started I really felt great, it felt like something great was going to happen and it did. I just had one of the best days. It started with me getting a decent amount of rest after a week of 15+ hours per day. Then, I […]

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